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10 Steps to Healthier Tomato Plants

10 Steps to Healthier Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are a vegetable gardener’s most prized crop.

Tomatoes make us work hard to reap the rewards of harvest.

Of all the vegetables that we grow, tomatoes seem to require the most nursing and care. Anyone that’s grown them, can speak from experience on their unpredictability and the attention they require to ensure proper watering and protection from disease. Every year is different and depending on the weather may either completely wipe out a crop with disease or produce the most memorable bumper crop ever.

Through years of tomato growing experience and extensive research, I’ve come up with a list of 10 steps for healthier tomato plants.


10 Must Have Herbs For Your Vegetable Garden

10 Must Have Herbs For Your Vegetable Garden

I love herbs!

They smell delicious and make a wonderful addition to recipes. The flowers they produce are loved by all sorts of pollinators, like honey bees, bumble bees, butterflies, hover flies, lace wings and many others. They make great companion plants to many vegetables, by either deterring pests, attracting pollinators or both.

Whether you have room for a vegetable garden, or not, there’s always room to add a pot of herbs. Even if you don’t have outdoor space, a pot of herbs will grow wonderfully next to a sunny window.

Check out my list of top 10 “must have” herbs for your vegetable garden.

Included at the end of this post is a recipe that you can download for free. In it, I not only provide the recipe, but also the step-by-step techniques to make it.


How to Force Rhubarb (Plus Bonus Recipe)

How to Force Rhubarb

I have recently made the most amazing discovery and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Rhubarb has been growing in my garden for over 5 years. I have added several plants since then and have about 7 plants in total. Every year, I’ve had to wait until well into May, in order to harvest it.

However, I’ve found an easy way to speed up its growth. This method produces rhubarb that is a delight to the senses and it’s flavour is sweeter and more tasty than traditionally grown rhubarb.

How would you like to get a head start on your rhubarb plants?

Here’s what I’ve done in order to speed up my rhubarb’s growth. The result is a sweet and tender harvest, unlike any sold in stores or farmers markets. By following this approach, you too will be able to harvest a surprising and delightful rhubarb, that will make you the envy of all your gardening friends and neighbours.


How and Why You Should Chit Your Potatoes

Every year that I garden, I try to find new and easier ways to do things. One of my more recent discoveries is Potato Chitting!

For many gardeners in North America, potato chitting is an unknown concept. The word “chitting” itself, is new for most people. However, potato chitting is an old fashioned gardening term, that has been practiced for generations.

There are many reasons why you should consider chitting your potatoes. I will tell you why you should do it and show you how easy it is!


How to Grow Microgreens on Your Windowsill

How To Grow Microgreens on Your Windowsill

Have you grown Microgreens before?

The first official day of winter is right around the corner, but for many of us, it feels like its been here for weeks. The dreaded long days of winter are ahead of us, with Spring feeling like its no where in sight.

Don’t wait for spring to begin planting. Give it a try today!

The best part is it can be done right in your kitchen window or available windowsill.

Consider growing some Microgreens. They grow quickly, easily and may be harvested as soon as 1 week from planting.

Here’s what you need to get started: