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Seed Company Roundup

My 2024 Seed Company Round-Up

This is an updated list of my favourite seed companies. It has changed over the years, so I’m only listing the ones I recommend. Some of the ones I used to order from, I no longer do. There are also a few new additions included in this list.

Most of the seeds I grow are either heirloom or open-pollinated. When needed, I will grow hybrid seeds for disease resistance, growth habit, or a specific purpose. I practice seed saving, and this is only possible with open-pollinated varieties. As such, I keep hybrid seeds to a minimum in my garden. However, they have their place, and I have nothing against them.

GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds are not available to the home gardener, so none of these companies sell GMO seeds, nor do I in my seed shop.

Today, many companies forgo printing a seed catalogue due to rising printing and paper costs. However, many of the larger companies will still provide one for free. Check their websites for details.

To view each company, click the link under their description.

Happy Gardening and Shopping!

U.S. Seed Companies

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Renee’s Garden Seeds

This is my #1 favourite US seed company. I have been a big fan of theirs for most of my gardening career. They carry my favourite container zucchini variety – ‘Astia’- and many other varieties ideal for containers, balcony gardens or small spaces. This company has the most beautiful flower seed collection that has graced my kitchen garden through the years.  Many of the seeds offered by Renee’s Garden Seeds have been sourced from growers worldwide.  The seeds are then tested in various trial gardens throughout the U.S. to ensure they will grow and perform in various climate zones.  All seed packets are designed with a beautiful watercolour drawing.


Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

I highly recommend this seed company for its amazing selection of seeds and gardening tools.  They offer a vast collection of flower varieties and vegetable seeds bred for performance, colour, taste and more. They also carry hybrid varieties that have been bred to grow under stressful disease conditions, to perform in a certain way, for taste and more. Their tools and supplies are well thought out, making them ergonomically comfortable to use.  Many of the tools have been created specifically for and by this company and are exclusive to them.  This is an ideal company for the backyard gardener and Market Farmer. 

Website: http://www.johnnyseeds.com/

Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

Wild Garden Seeds

This is my “go-to” seed company when I’m looking for exciting and beautiful salad greens!  Frank Morton is co-owner of this seed company and is behind many of their interesting on-farm breeding projects. They are known for their farm-original varieties of many salad greens, vegetables, flowers and herbs. All seeds are organic. They are partners in the Open Source Seed Initiative and have dedicated all of their original varieties and breeding populations to the Open Source Seed Pledge:

“You have the right to use these OSSI-pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.”


Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

I have ordered from this company over the years and have always been very happy with their selection and excellent germination rates.  I love that all their seeds are organic.  High Mowing is located in Wolcott, Vermont, with a hardiness zone of 5a.  Since many of their seeds are grown in this area, the seeds are adapted to a cooler growing zone, making them an ideal choice for gardeners in the Northeast.  

Website: https://www.highmowingseeds.com/

Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

Swallowtail Garden Seeds

If you’re looking for flower seeds of all varieties and colours, you’ve come to the right place! This is where I order my flower seeds. This year, I will be converting the original 2000 square foot area of my kitchen garden into a cut flower garden, and most of the flowers to be planted will be originating from this seed company. Check out their stunning offerings for zinnias, snapdragons, pansies, strawflowers, cosmos, lisianthus, sweet peas and more. Germination is always excellent. Highly recommend!

Website: https://www.swallowtailgardenseeds.com/

Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

Wild Boar Farms

Brad Gates, owner of Wild Boar Farms located in northern California, is a breeder of countless stunning and delicious tomato varieties. If you’re looking for something different and exciting, you’ve come to the right place! All tomatoes are grown using organic and sustainable practices. Some of my favourites of their tomatoes include Berkeley Tie Dye, Black Beauty, Dark Galaxy, and Lucid Gem.

Website: https://www.wildboarfarms.com/

Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

Secret Seed Cartel

I was introduced to this company through an online friend. This company is owned by a seed activist who supplies some of the most unusual and rare tomato varieties, like the ‘Work Release Tomato’’  This variety came from an Italian inmate of the Hudson Correctional Facility in Hudson, New York, whose family brought seeds from Italy.  He, apparently, grew these tomatoes in the jail garden. Secret Seed Cartel carries unusual and uncommon tomato varieties and other vegetables, like beans, peas, cucumbers and squash.  All seeds are organic and non-GMO.  

Website: http://secretseedcartel.com/

Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

Seed Savers Exchange

This company has a fantastic story. It was founded in Missouri, Iowa, in 1975, when two seed varieties were passed to them for preservation.  Seed Savers Exchange became a refuge for many other seeds that came to America by immigrants from other countries.  Today, they have a collection of 20,000 plant varieties, including many heritage apple trees.  Become a member and have access to the member-to-member seed exchange.

Website: http://www.seedsavers.org/

Ships to Canada, but if ordering over $20, a customs charge may be incurred.

Canadian Seed Companies

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Gardening Girl Seeds

It’s a shameless plug, but I had to include my own seed company in the Canadian list. As I cared for and grew my vegetable garden, I began saving seeds with the intention of growing seeds better adapted to my growing conditions and hardiness zone.

I noticed over the years that home-saved seeds always performed better than seeds purchased elsewhere and had much higher germination rates. Seedlings in my garden were stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases. The seeds offered in my seed shop are all organically grown without any chemicals or pesticides. I lovingly care for and tend to my garden and feel proud to offer you some of my favourite tomatoes, lettuces and now tea garden ingredients.

Website: https://www.juliadimakos.com/shop/

Ship to Canada and the US.

West Coast Seeds

I have been ordering from this company for most of my gardening career and have always been highly impressed with their seed selections and excellent germination rates. They offer many old-fashioned flower seeds and an extensive selection of vegetables, herbs, microgreens and sprouting seeds.  If you have any growing questions, they have an entire resources category, providing support on “how to grow” vegetables, herbs and flowers, planting charts, crop planning tools, gardening guides and more. They also carry an extensive selection of gardening tools and supplies.

Website: https://www.westcoastseeds.com/

Ships to Canada and the U.S.

Halifax Seeds

Halifax Seeds is located in, you guessed it, Halifax, Nova Scotia!  They are a family-owned seed company that has been in existence since 1866!  They offer a wide selection of vegetables, herbs and flower seeds.  I also love that they carry a wide range of Suttons Seeds out of the U.K. and now a collection of seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds. You can also find All America Selection Winners, gardening tools and more. If you’re looking for something special, I highly recommend this seed company!  

Website: https://halifaxseed.ca/

Ships to Canada and the U.S.

Richters Herbs

This company specializes in herbs, from culinary to medicinal and everything in between!  They also offer an extensive list of unusual, rare and exotic vegetable and herb seeds.  

Website: https://www.richters.com/

Ship seeds to Canada, the US and Internationally. Richters Herbs also sells live plants that ship to Canada and the U.S. Rootstocks will ship to Canada, the US and internationally.

Moonglow Gardens

Moonglow Gardens is a small seed-production farm growing on Treaty 6 Territory on the Canadian Prairies in the Northern Glaciated Plains. All their seeds are lovingly produced in Canadian zone 3 using regenerative growing methods focusing on fostering a healthy soil food web. I have been a friend of Moonglow Gardens for the past several years and highly recommend their seeds! Here you can find everything from exciting tomato varieties, to beans, flowers and more! Highly recommend!

Website: https://growersblend.ca/

Ships to Canada and the US. For FREE SHIPPING within Canada and the US, use my code: JULIA2024.(Offer expires December 31, 2024)

Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds and viewing their seed-cleaning operations. This certified organic seed grower takes extra special care to ensure high seed germination rates and a high-quality seed offering. They strive to preserve endangered varieties, teach seed-saving workshops, and offer farm tours.


Ships only within Canada.

Heritage Harvest Seed

I love the heirloom/heritage seed varieties offered by this seed company. They only sell open-pollinated, heirloom seeds and offer over 700 varieties. They have an extensive offering of beans, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, radishes, squash and many more. If you’re looking for a rare or historical variety, check out this seed company!

Website: https://www.heritageharvestseed.com/

Ships only within Canada.

Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes

This is my “go-to” seed potato supplier in Canada. Eagle Creek is a certified organic seed potato farm that only grows potatoes using certified organic practices. They have the largest offering of seed potatoes in Canada, all grown on their farm. They have fingerling and heritage varieties, along with early, mid and late-season potato varieties, varieties suitable for containers and scab-resistant varieties. Highly recommend! 


Ships only within Canada.

Annapolis Seed

Started over 16 years ago, Annapolis Seed is located in Atlantic Canada, aiming to produce seeds adapted to that area. Although my garden is located in Ontario, I have successfully grown their seeds. Annapolis Seed strives to preserve rare varieties and hopes to inspire others to save their own seeds. They offer a great selection of beans, legumes, tomatoes, squashes and more.

Website: https://annapolisseeds.com/

Ships to Canada and the US.