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My Greenhouse Tour #2

My Greenhouse Tour #2

It’s been about a month since I planted the first seeds in the greenhouse and the days have become shorter. The weather has changed from summer to fall and the winds have picked up.

In a typical year, this would be typical weather for the season. However, in my case, I’ve embarked on a new adventure and already started learning and adapting. It’s definitely taking my mind off of what is happening outside.

From my first greenhouse video, to this second video, we’ve had to make several adaptations, to account for the high winds and the possibility of the greenhouse blowing away or being damaged. We’ve had a few leaks in the roof as well. I’ve also finished seeding the greenhouse and harvested my first vegetables!

It’s been an exciting time. Watch the second video in my greenhouse series and join me in my world.

My New Greenhouse Tour

A Walkthrough Tour of My Greenhouse

When we moved to our country home, I felt excited about building my dream kitchen garden. I researched ideas and designed it based on our family’s needs.

But, gardening season is relatively short in relation to the length of one-year, so I dreamt of ways to extend my gardening season. My garden is located over 400 feet away from the house, so trekking there in mid-winter, through hip-deep snow, to reach cold frames was unrealistic. Plus, opening the garden door would be next to impossible, due to all the snow.

I needed something close to the house, that would be easy to access and fulfill all my gardening needs throughout the summer and into fall, early winter, then very early spring.

I wanted something that I would be able to grow tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in during the summer and hardy salad greens in the fall, early winter and early spring.


Recipe for Fermented Cucamelon Pickles

Recipe for Fermented Cucamelon Pickles

I’ve been busy fermenting over the past few weeks and it’s truly amazing how many vegetables turn into a beautiful food, after fermentation.

I love the flavour of freshly harvested vegetables. They’re beautiful, aromatic, fresh, and full of flavour. But, many of these vegetables don’t store well. So we turn to food preservation, in order to enjoy the fruits of our labour, when the ground is cold and hard.

I’ve recently written about fermented pickles and discussed the health benefits of fermented foods. I truly enjoy eating them, so have been busy experimenting with the fermentation of various vegetables. I love the flavour of fermented foods and I love even more, how great they make me feel!

One of my more surprising and delicious ferments was with Cucamelons! The result was visually beautiful! It’s flavour resembled a pickle, with a hint of lemon.


A Simple Technique for Preserving Zucchini

A Simple Technique for Preserving Zucchini

I love the taste of fresh zucchini! I wait for it all year, then plant it and wait impatiently for its first fruit.

We’re approaching the end of summer and our zucchini plants haven’t stopped producing. The more I pick, the more zucchini my plants produce and our kitchen counter is covered with tasty green fruit.

Is your family getting tired of eating zucchini? Are you running out of recipe ideas? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy some delicious, home grown zucchini in the middle of winter?

Before giving it all away to friends and family, consider this easy and simple technique, that will have you enjoying homegrown zucchini all winter long.