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Flower of the Month: Ranunculus

Flower of the Month Ranunculus

Spring is my favourite season. I love watching nature awaken from a deep slumber, like a bear out of hibernation.

For me, spring feels like a rebirth. Northern gardeners like myself have had to sit and wait, patiently, and daydream about a garden covered in snow. A garden that was once flourishing, but is now only an outline.

Flower of the Month

Flower of the Month

When winter turns to spring, and the days become longer, I begin to feel renewed and energized. I can feel a difference in the air, as cold wind becomes warm and the ground softens under my feet.

I feel excited and motivated to get back in the garden and start planting. If you’ve started your seedlings and they are ready for transplanting into larger containers, please see my post “15 Steps to Successfully Transplant your Seedlings“.

The swelling buds on trees, the green of newly emerging spring flowers, the fresh smell in the air, it truly is an exciting and hopeful time of year.

In honour of spring, I would like to talk about my favourite spring flower!


15 Steps to Successfully Transplant Your Seedlings

15 Steps to Successfully Transplant Your Seedlings

Are you planning on starting your seeds indoors this year?

If you have, but need a little help getting started, take a look at my Ultimate Guide to Seed Starting. In this guide, I show you what tools you need to get started, then walk you through simple step-by-step directions.

If you have started your seeds, then you’ve probably seen them germinate, grow and develop their first set of true leaves.

Now that they’ve reached this stage, what’s next?


The Ultimate Guide to Seed Starting

The Ultimate Guide to Seed Starting

Have you started your seeds this year?

Do you start them indoors, or do you plant them directly in the garden?

Perhaps you buy your starter plants from a local nursery or big box store?

There are many benefits to starting your own seeds, like being able to grow varieties that are unavailable in stores, growing organic seeds, and even planting crops that are not sold as seedling starter plants.


How to Grow and Use Red Kuri Squash

How to Grow and Use Red Kuri Squash

I love winter squash! My favourite way to eat it is in soup. I’ve made soup from numerous squash varieties and they all turned out really well! It’s difficult to mess them up.

Some have a taste of their own, while others easily adapt to the seasonings used. I find squash to be a very easy vegetable to work with. It is especially satisfying on a cold Fall or Winter’s day.

Every year, I aim to discover a new squash variety and this year “Red Kuri” squash came in first place!


Microgreens vs. Sprouts (Plus: Free Comparison Chart)

Microgreens vs. Sprouts

Wow, this has been a long winter!

We’re only into the beginning of February and we still have months left to go!

To take the ease off winter, I’ve been busy growing sprouts and microgreens and regularly adding them to our meals. It’s been an easy and fun way to grow our own vegetables. Even my kids are enjoying them.