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Courses are one of my favourite tools to train gardeners on techniques that allow them to enhance their gardening skillset. 

My Seed Saving Course

My Seed Saving Course

Not sure if this course is for you? From beginning gardeners to seasoned gardeners, you will come away from this course with a wealth of knowledge on how to save your seeds. This is a comprehensive experience packed full of information and thorough demonstrations that will guide you through the process of saving your seeds.

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Every year, I travel to all corners of the world to bring my love of all things gardening to garden lovers. Through speaking engagements and workshops, every event is jam packed with excitement for all attendees.

Below is a list of workshops that are happening now. You can purchase your tickets in my shop.

There are currently no scheduled talks at the moment. Come back and check regularly.


My blog features articles written on topics such as vegetable gardening, seed starting, gardening tips, cooking tips and so much more. I enjoy teaching what I have learned in my many years of gardening.

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