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Seed Starting Calculator

Name of Crop# Weeks before Last Frost DatePlanting Date - Spring# Weeks before First Frost Date** (T)Planting Date - Late Summer/FallNotes
IndoorsDirect SowIndoorsDirect SowTransplantDirect SowTransplantDirect Sow
Amaranth6 to 8 weeks before1 weeks before--
Artichoke8 weeks before---
Arugula4 to 6 weeks before4 weeks before-3 to 4 weeks before
Asparagus12 to 14 weeks before---
Asters, China6 to 8 weeks before---
Basil6 weeks before1 weeks before-6 to 10 weeks beforehover over to see notes
Beans - Dry or Snap (bush or pole)-0 to 3 weeks before-10 weeks before
Beets Related Post6 weeks before3 weeks before6 to 8 weeks before8 weeks before
Bok Choy4 to 5 weeks before1 to 2 weeks before-4 weeks before
Borage-1 weeks before--


Seed Starting Calculator

My Seed Starting Calculator, available in Microsoft Office Excel format, takes the guesswork out of figuring out the appropriate dates to start your seeds. Simplify your seed starting schedule today and purchase this wonderful tool.

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