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Are you busy and on the go but still need that gardening fix?! Yeah, me too. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Listen to the most recent podcasts where I’ve been honoured to be featured on.

The Weekend Gardener, July 3, 2022 – Growing a Tea Garden with Julia Dimakos

Julia Dimakos chats with Niki Jabbour about her upcoming book “Tea Gardening for Beginners – Learn to Grow, Blend, and Brew Your Own Tea at Home“.

As first heard on “The Weekend Gardener” podcast.

Down The Garden Path, Feb 1, 2022 – Growing Under Lights with Julia Dimakos

This month on Down the Garden Path podcast, landscape designers Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing have been talking all about planning your garden, growing hydroponically, and growing anywhere you can squeeze in a plant! In this episode, returning guest Julia Dimakos discusses growing under lights and her new e-book How to Plan a Vegetable Garden, available now.

As first heard on “Down the Garden Path” podcast.

The Food Garden Life Show, April 29, 2021 – It Takes One Person

Today on the podcast we meet an avid gardener who grew up in downtown Toronto, in a family that didn’t garden. And for a long time she didn’t garden either. But then one person sparked her interest in gardening, and dropped by with a bucket of llama poo to help her make and plant her very first garden.

Julia Dimakos hasn’t looked back. Her kitchen garden has grown to 7,000 square feet. Now, she is on a mission to spark the interest in gardening in other people. She gives presentations about gardening, and shares her passion for gardening online.

Down The Garden Path, Feb 1, 2021 – Growing Indoors with Julia Dimakos

We’re kicking off the month of February with our first “growing indoors” episode of Down the Garden Path. In this podcast, we discuss growing indoors and with grow lights with Gardening Girl Julia Dimakos.

Julia started growing food after having children and fell in love with it!  She gardens organically and tries to keep things simple while growing new and uncommon vegetables each year. Her garden is located in Mono, Ontario, on 25 acres on the Niagara Escarpment. Two years ago, Julia expanded her vegetable garden from 2000 to 7000 square feet, continuing in the formal kitchen garden style.

Julia has been growing vegetables and writing about gardening for over 10 years and has been published twice in the Canadian Organic Grower magazine. She loves to inspire others to have their own vegetable gardens by showing them the simpler side of gardening.

As first heard on “Down the Garden Path” podcast.

The Growing Season, Oct 24, 2020 – BEDtime pt. 1 and Julia Dimakos

Who’s ready for a nap?

It’s that time of year when gardeners and landscapers are preparing the flower beds for the winter. The McFarland’s briefly touch on what to do with your lawns, perennials and shrubs. The conversation will pick up on part 2 of BEDtime.

Julia Dimakos, The Growing Season’s veggie Jedi Master, joins the show to chat about how the season treated her 7000 sq. ft garden and what she does to put it to bed. It’s a fun chat that features a ton of useful tips and tricks. She’s wonderful and we’re honoured to have her on the show.

As first heard on “The Growing Season” podcast.

The Growing Season, May 16, 2020 – Vegetables, Julia Dimakos

We’ve been asked about veggies time and time again and we wanted to have the perfect guest to complement the subject.

Julia Dimakos, our veggie Jedi joins us.

Jack, Lynne and Matt McFarland tee up getting a raised veggie ready for planting and Julia joins the crew to fill in the blanks.

The trio laugh along to stories of Julia’s beginnings then she guides the guys through many a-ha moments that have helped her to uncover the secrets below the soil.

She’s wonderful and we’re honoured to have her on the show.

As first heard on “The Growing Season” podcast.