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How to Force Rhubarb (Plus Bonus Recipe)

How to Force Rhubarb

I have recently made the most amazing discovery and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Rhubarb has been growing in my garden for over 5 years. I have added several plants since then and have about 7 plants in total. Every year, I’ve had to wait until well into May, in order to harvest it.

However, I’ve found an easy way to speed up its growth. This method produces rhubarb that is a delight to the senses and it’s flavour is sweeter and more tasty than traditionally grown rhubarb.

How would you like to get a head start on your rhubarb plants?

Here’s what I’ve done in order to speed up my rhubarb’s growth. The result is a sweet and tender harvest, unlike any sold in stores or farmers markets. By following this approach, you too will be able to harvest a surprising and delightful rhubarb, that will make you the envy of all your gardening friends and neighbours.


How and Why You Should Prune Pepper Plants

I’ve been growing my vegetables and flowers on top of a fenced-in concrete patio for the past three years. It’s a pretty big learning curve, because I haven’t quite figured out my growing zone yet. I live in zone 6b, but the concrete slab under my patio garden heats things up to similar temperatures as Arizona in summer! Trying to keep everything alive and productive is half of the fun.

Speaking of productive plants, let’s talk about helping pepper plants produce better.

What is the best way to increase productivity in peppers?

How do you fix a leggy pepper plant so it gets bushier and produces a better harvest?


The Ultimate Guide to Seed Starting

The Ultimate Guide to Seed Starting

Have you started your seeds this year?

Do you start them indoors, or do you plant them directly in the garden?

Perhaps you buy your starter plants from a local nursery or big box store?

There are many benefits to starting your own seeds, like being able to grow varieties that are unavailable in stores, growing organic seeds, and even planting crops that are not sold as seedling starter plants.


How to Grow and Use Red Kuri Squash

How to Grow and Use Red Kuri Squash

I love winter squash! My favourite way to eat it is in soup. I’ve made soup from numerous squash varieties and they all turned out really well! It’s difficult to mess them up.

Some have a taste of their own, while others easily adapt to the seasonings used. I find squash to be a very easy vegetable to work with. It is especially satisfying on a cold Fall or Winter’s day.

Every year, I aim to discover a new squash variety and this year “Red Kuri” squash came in first place!