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Outdoor Planting Calculator

Name of CropDirect Seed or TransplantDirect Seed into Soil (S) or Transplant Seedlings into the Garden (T)Planting DateNotes
AmaranthSeed or Transplant1 weeks before
ArtichokeTransplant3 to 4 weeks before
ArugulaSeed4 to 5 weeks before
AsparagusSeeds or Crowns4 to 6 weeks beforeAs soon as soil can be worked.
Asters, ChinaTransplant0 to 1 weeks after
BasilSeed1 weeks beforeTransplant out seedlings after the last frost date.
Beans (Bush or Pole)Seed0 to 1 weeks afterDon't overwater bean seeds, because they will rot from too much moisture.
BeetsSeed4 to 6 weeks before
Bok ChoySeed or Transplant1 to 2 weeks before
BorageSeed1 weeks before


Outdoor Planting Calculator

My Outdoor Planting Calculator in Microsoft Office Excel format simplifies your outdoor planting schedule, helping you to find the best dates for planting seedlings or seeds directly in the garden.

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