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Video Post: Fall Greenhouse Update

Julia Dimakos - Fall Greenhouse Update

Summer is over, the kitchen garden is just about done for the year, but the greenhouse continues to push on. 

There are tomatoes, a few cucumbers and even several chilli peppers still thriving.  There’s even a few herbs to choose from.

Ever since we bought the greenhouse, our veggie gardening experience has changed.

In years past, I would shut down most of the garden around the first frost date, continue to harvest a few cool season veggies and harvest the last vegetables by the middle of October.  All tomatoes would be harvested prior to the first frost, including any unripe green ones. If any cucumbers were left over in the garden, the first frost would end any hope of surviving fruit.

Having a greenhouse has changed all that. 

With the help of a small oscillating heater, a light frost has had no effect on the vegetables within, maintaining a cozy warm climate.  That heater manages to keep the temperature at least 10 degrees warmer than the temperature outdoors.

In my latest video, I walk through the greenhouse and show what’s growing in early November. I also chat about my reasons for not planting any cool season veggies this year. I hope you can join me!

Happy Gardening!

Happy Gardening!


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