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Video: How to Plant Geranium Seeds in an Egg Carton

How to Plant Geranium Seeds in an Egg Carton

Geranium (Pelargonium) is an annual summer flower that comes in a number of different colours from red, pink, coral, white, bicoloured or picotee.  Pelargoniums originated in South Africa.  Hardy to zone 9, they won’t survive in frosty winter conditions.

Flowers are aromatic, developing in clusters upon single firm stems.  Their thick fleshy leaves and numerous stems create a bushy effect.  They are very popular in summer containers and bedding plants, creating dense plantings filled with vibrant splashes of colour.

For the purposes of this post and to prevent confusion, I will refer to the Pelargonium by its common name of Geranium.

Although geraniums are widely sold in garden centres and nurseries, they can easily be grown from seed.  A packet of seeds may cost from $3.95 to $8 for a packet of 10 seeds.  A single 4-inch pot of geraniums may cost $4, depending upon the size of the pot.  Although it’s easy to purchase geraniums from the garden centre, why not try growing them from seed? You may be able to grow 10 plants for the price of 1!

In this post, I will show you how to plant geranium seeds in an egg carton. Egg cartons decompose easily in the soil, making them an easy and free container for starting your seeds. When ready to pot up into a larger container, simply cut out the individual egg wells and pot them up into a larger container.

Watch this video, where I show you how easy it is to plant geranium seeds in an egg carton.  Once seeded, cover your egg carton with clear plastic wrap, to create a greenhouse effect and help maintain consistent temperature and moisture until your seeds germinate.

After germination, remove the plastic wrap and place your egg carton directly under a grow light or in your brightest, sunniest window.  Be sure to rotate it daily, to ensure your seedlings won’t lean towards the light of the window.

Have you tried starting seeds in an egg carton? What did you sow?

Happy Gardening!


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