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[Video] How to Make Leaf Compost

How to Make Leaf Compost

Also known as “leaf mold”, leaf compost is the result of leaving your fallen leaves to decompose for a period of time. In the end, you are left with a beautiful black compost that is ready to be added to your vegetable garden. It’s free, 100% natural and high in nutrients.

However, there is a proper method to making leaf mold. If you left the leaves on the lawn, unmulched and untouched, they would create a solid leaf carpet that would stifle the grass, causing anything under the leaves to die. So this obviously wouldn’t be the correct way.

In forests, leaves fall to the ground and worms pull them under the surface, turning them into rich compost. However, the forest floor isn’t a perfect green lawn. There are sticks and plants and materials to keep from creating that solid mass.

So we need to assist nature in our gardens, to make fallen leaves into leaf compost.

There are a number of ways to make leaf compost and I show you an easy and inexpensive way in my YouTube video.

Do you make leaf compost? Which method do you use?  

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