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[Video] How to Grow Green Onions from Scraps

How to Grow Green Onions from Scraps

It’s been years since I’ve purchased green onions. Green onions are technically onions plants, grown from seed in their first year.  Planted in the early spring, the base of the onion swells and develops into an onion bulb.  

Since onions are biennials, meaning they produce seeds in their second year, an onion bulb will sprout again in its second year and produce “green onions” before going to seed.

This stage is an excellent opportunity for us home gardeners to grow green onions indoors, on our kitchen window or countertop.

In this short video, I show you how to easily grow green onions from scraps. All you need is water and a small container or glass. It’s so easy that you won’t need to buy them again!

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