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Video: A Surprising Tuberous Begonia Trick That Produces More Blooms!

A Surprising Tuberous Begonia Trick That Produces More Blooms

I love Tuberous Begonias! They come in a variety of bright and vivid colours and have either single or double blooms, which may be ruffled, toothed or plain.

They look great planted in a container, hanging basket or in the garden as a bedding plant.

Tuberous Begonias grow comfortably in a partially shady location, where direct sun won’t burn their delicate foliage. They are a great way to add the brightest colour in a location, where most bright flowers are unable to grow. Unlike Tuberous Begonias, most bright coloured flowers need full sun in order to set blooms.

Tuberous Begonia Trick


Tuberous Begonia Trick


I discovered a simple trick to increase the number of blooms on your Tuberous Begonia plants. Not only that, but it also seems to help increase the length of bloom time per flower.

Watch my quick video to see how you can do increase the number of blooms on your Tuberous Begonia plants. You’ll be excited to try it out on your own plants.


  1. Sal Scaringella

    Hi Julia,
    I took my begonia bulbs in last fall and stored them in what I thought was a gold area. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as cold as I thought. I just looked at them and there is one bulb that has several 3-4″ pinkish growth. I want to plant it at the recommended depth of 1″ but the pinkish growth will be above ground. Is this ok or should I plant deeper??

    Thank you.


    • Julia Dimakos

      That’s so exciting! I recommend planting them below the soil surface, enough to cover the corm. Happy gardening!



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