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The Right Way to Plant Leeks

The Right Way to Plant Leeks

For a beginner gardener, leeks may be a confusing vegetable.

They look like onion seedlings, but they’re not onions. In fact, they’re quite different. They have a thicker and tougher texture. Their blades are thicker as well. If anything, they’re closer in texture to a young garlic, than an onion.

But, how do leeks get that long, white stalk? If you plant a leek in the ground, as you would an onion seedling, you’ll find that most of the stem will be green and too tough to consume.

Watch this video, where I show you the correct way to plant your leek seedlings.

If it’s your first time planting leeks, this method will surprise you.

It’s super easy and quick!

Here are the tools that I mentioned in the post.

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