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Microgreens vs. Sprouts (Plus: Free Comparison Chart)

Microgreens vs. Sprouts

Wow, this has been a long winter!

We’re only into the beginning of February and we still have months left to go!

To take the ease off winter, I’ve been busy growing sprouts and microgreens and regularly adding them to our meals. It’s been an easy and fun way to grow our own vegetables. Even my kids are enjoying them.

[Content Upgrade] Microgreens vs. Sprouts (Plus: Free Comparison Chart)

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Use this free comparison chart to help you decide whether to grow microgreens or sprouts.

However, microgreens and sprouts are not the same thing. Many people confuse the two, so I decided to create an easy chart to display the differences, including flavour, ease of growing, length of time until harvest, nutritional value and much more.

When in doubt, simply refer to the chart and make a quick decision on which you would like to grow next.

I hope you give microgreens and sprouts a chance and grow some right in your kitchen.

For more information on growing microgreens and sprouts, please refer to my posts, “How to Sprout Seeds in a Jar” and “How to Grow Microgreens on Your Windowsill“.

Happy Gardening!


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