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Video: The Easiest Way to Harvest Carrots

The Easiest Way to Harvest Carrots

Are you growing carrots?

Do you have trouble harvesting them? Do you attempt to pull them out, but the leafy tops break off, then you’re digging out the top of the carrot, attempting to grasp as much as you can.

Finally, with much difficulty the said carrot ejects from the soil, but the bottom part has broken off and remains in the soil?

Maybe you use a garden fork and attempt digging around the top of the carrot, hoping not to snag the side of the carrot and damage it, since damaged carrots don’t store well.

Perhaps you planted your carrots thickly and they grew into a tangled mess making it next to impossible to thin them out individually without grabbing the neighbouring carrots?

If you’ve experienced any of these troubles in the past, you will love my super easy carrot harvesting technique. It requires minimal effort and takes seconds!  Your carrots will emerge whole and unbroken.

I filmed a short video, so you may see this technique first hand.   In my video, I show you how simple it is to harvest carrots, using one very simple trick.  After watching my video, please leave me a comment below, letting me know if you’ve tried this method.

Happy Gardening!


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