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Tokyo Bekana Seeds


PLEASE NOTE: Available to Canadian residents only.

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This is Tokyo Bekana!

As you can see the leaves are a gorgeous light green colour. Stems and mid-rib have a crunch similar to young bok choy.

Delicious eaten raw, chopped in a salad. Also, since the stem and mid-rib are a little thicker, they are great sautéed/stir-fried or added to an Asian soup, or even a vegetable soup. They are juicy, not tough like kale.

Grows well throughout the year - spring, summer and fall. Cool conditions preferred.

Although similar to an Asian cabbage/lettuce cross, it does not attract cabbage butterflies.

Growing information:

Grows up to 2 feet tall and just as wide.

Plant in a full sun/partially sunny location. Start seeds indoors at least 2 weeks prior to planting out, or sow directly. Seeds will germinate in approximately 3 days.

Spacing: closer together for “cut and come again” harvesting or 1 foot apart to harvest full size heads.

I highly recommend adding it to your garden or greenhouse. It’s a new favourite for me!

All packets are 1g in weight or approximately 225-250 seeds.

Price: $4.25 each + shipping within Canada only.


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10 Proven Steps for a Successful Vegetable Garden

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