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Outdoor Planting Calculator (Excel)


The “Outdoor Planting Calculator in Microsoft Excel” includes;

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My Outdoor Planting Calculator in Microsoft Office Excel format simplifies your outdoor planting schedule, helping you to find the best dates for planting seedlings or seeds directly in the garden.

The calculator is built with your final frost date in mind. Simply select your date from the drop down box and all the appropriate planting dates will be displayed for most vegetable, herb or flower plants. Just about every crop that you may want to grow has been included in the calculator.

The benefit of owning your own version of the Outdoor Planting Calculator is that you can customize your own planting dates in an organized format, without website headers, sidebars, advertising banners or other distractions. Upon calculation, your dates are displayed in a clear, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Keep your calculator on file and refer to it when planning your schedule.

Feel free to laminate it and keep it where you keep your seeds, records, gardening caddy or anywhere that is most convenient for you.

Updates to the Outdoor Planting Calculator will be available for free, to those who purchase the product.

Due to the nature of digital files, all sales are final.

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