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eBook: How to Plan a Vegetable Garden

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Looking to plan out your own vegetable garden? This 47 page eBook will detail a 10-step plan to creating the vegetable garden of your dreams.

Pages: 47
Format: PDF

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How to Plan a Vegetable Garden: A 10-Step Plan to Creating the Vegetable Garden of Your Dreams.

Table of Contents:

  1. Step One: Where will your garden be located?
  2. Step Two: How large will your garden be?
  3. Step Three: Will you be walking on the garden soil?
  4. Step Four: How much sun/shade will your garden have?
  5. Step Five: What do you want to grow?
  6. Step Six: Will your garden be easy to water?
  7. Step Seven: Do you want to have a seating area in your garden?
  8. Step Eight: Do you want a water feature in your garden?
  9. Step Nine: Would you like to have a compost bin in your garden?
  10. Step Ten: Would you like a greenhouse or tool shed in your garden?


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