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Anise Hyssop


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Agastache foeniculum

Anise Hyssop, a member of the mint family Lamiaceae, is a hardy perennial in USDA zones 4 to 9. It is native to the upper Midwest and Great Plains. Plants will grow to a height of two to four feet, with a width of one to three feet wide.

It is grown for its flowers and leaves, and the flavour is sweet and mildly minty, with soft licorice. Fresh leaves may be used in tea, salads or as a garnish. Drying the plant material first brings out even more flavour. Flowers are best when harvested after they are fully formed.

To harvest, cut stems leaving half from the base or pinch above a leaf node. Young stems will branch at this point and create a bushier habit. Stems may be tied into bunches and hung for drying or dehydrated at a low temperature. Store dried leaves and flowers in an airtight glass jar out of direct sunlight.

Birds enjoy anise hyssop seeds, making them a good food source. Pollinators will be attracted to their flowers and will help to pollinate your vegetable crops.

To learn more about Anise Hyssop, its uses, medicinal benefits and how to grow and brew your own delicious cup of tea, check out my book, "Tea Gardening for Beginners". Released July 26, 2022, and published by Rockridge Press, a division of Callisto Media. Signed copies are available through my shop here.

Growing Information:

Anise hyssop prefers full sun to partial shade and will grow in average soil with good drainage.

Start seeds indoors at least eight weeks before the final frost date and transplant to the garden after all risk of frost has passed. Surface sow your seeds in a seed tray, as light is required to initiate germination. Consider covering the soil with a thin layer of vermiculite after seeding.

Transplant seedlings one to two feet apart, in a location that will allow it to spread somewhat. Control plant spread by removing dry seed heads and pulling up plants where they are not wanted.

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