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Amaryllis Series Part #1: A Guide to Growing Amaryllis Indoors

A Guide to Growing Amaryllis Indoors

It’s the beginning of winter here in the north and nothing is blooming outside. The ground is covered in a layer of snow, the trees are bare and we’re all bundled up in our winter coats, boots, hats and mitts.

Don’t let winter get you down. There’s still plenty to grow indoors.

How about a large and vibrant tropical flower, that waits for winter before commencing its bloom?

The flower in question is Amaryllis. If you haven’t grown it before, my guide will show you how easy and maintenance free it can be.


How to Create a Continuous Show of Spring Flowers

How to Create a Continuous Show of Spring Flowers

Who doesn’t enjoy the site of spring flowers, after a long winter? As winter turns to spring and snow just begins to melt, the first spring bulbs begin to emerge.

This period of time gives me hope, as I dream of more flowers to come, from crocuses and snowdrops, to hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. Every year, I strive to add more of these garden delights to my perennial beds, however, space may be an issue.

If you’re short on garden space, but would like to plant a range of spring bulbs, that flower from early to late spring, or would like to create a continuous bloom from one planting area, why not plant your bulbs in layers?


Flower of the Month: Pasque Flower


Pasque flower, or Pulsatilla vulgaris is a member of the Ranunculaceae family. Ranunculus (my favourite spring flower) is also a member of this family. You can find more information on the Ranunculus flower here.

Pulsatilla vulgaris is a herbaceous perennial flower, that dies back every winter and regrows new stems in the spring.


Flower of the Month: Ranunculus

Flower of the Month Ranunculus

Spring is my favourite season. I love watching nature awaken from a deep slumber, like a bear out of hibernation.

For me, spring feels like a rebirth. Northern gardeners like myself have had to sit and wait, patiently, and daydream about a garden covered in snow. A garden that was once flourishing, but is now only an outline.

Flower of the Month

Flower of the Month

When winter turns to spring, and the days become longer, I begin to feel renewed and energized. I can feel a difference in the air, as cold wind becomes warm and the ground softens under my feet.

I feel excited and motivated to get back in the garden and start planting. If you’ve started your seedlings and they are ready for transplanting into larger containers, please see my post “15 Steps to Successfully Transplant your Seedlings“.

The swelling buds on trees, the green of newly emerging spring flowers, the fresh smell in the air, it truly is an exciting and hopeful time of year.

In honour of spring, I would like to talk about my favourite spring flower!